We believe that money should never stand in the way in saving a person’s life.

With our foundation we want to give more opportunities to patients suffering from non-hodgkin disease. We do this in several ways, by drawing on our own experience:

  • We raise funds to support research in the area of immunotherapy.
  • We help raise funds for patients who need treatment which is not covered by health insurance (e.g. clinical trials). On our own platform (stichtingson.nl) we can dedicate space for someone’s personal story and updates. Unfortunately, we only have space available for one person at a time. We are very proud that at the moment we are helping Ivo Visser to raise funds for his medical treatment. We expect that later this year this space will become available for someone else.
  • We share tips and tricks about setting up a crowdfunding campaign and we can help with practical matters.
  • We share our experience and tips when searching for clinical trials.

Last year, we felt a huge energy burst which enabled us to do everything in our power to save Ivo’s life. We hope that with our foundation and our efforts, we can transmit this energy to others and encourage them to not give up. We also hope that with our humble contribution, treatments will be available much sooner for those who so much depend on these treatments.

Do you share our opinion that no amount of money should be too high to save a person’s life? Then please donate!


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The foundation is in the posession of the ANBI status. In the Netherlands, this means that when donating there are advantages regarding taxes. On the website of the Dutch tax authorities you can find more information.