Cancer is a horrible disease for which nowadays more and more successful treatments exist. Unfortunately, there are always those patients who experience that the standard treatments do not offer a solution. When they also fall by the wayside in clinical trials, for example because they are not the target group, this reduces their chances significantly. This is horrible, because sometimes a patient does have chances somewhere in the world. But one has to find them.

Founder Anne-Marij unfortunately talks from own experience. Her husband is suffering from non-hodgkin disease and the disease turned out to be resistant to all chemotherapies. Then he reached the point where there were no options left for him. The only chance he has is in the United States where he can be treated and results look very promising. This treatment is very costly, namely €400.000. And he has to pay for it himself. The frustration and the sense of powerlessness in this whole situation have unchained an enormous amount of energy with which this foundation was established very rapidly, to set up a crowdfunding campaign in order to be able to finance this treatment.

We are very proud that our first crowdfunding campaign has made it possible for Ivo Visser to undergo this medical treatment in the United States! In the future, we hope to help many others, both financially and in other ways. Anne-Marij and Ivo have found that help is available everywhere, but you do have to go out and get it yourself!

The foundation’s goal is to make medical treatments possible for patients suffering from non-hodgkin, when standard methods do not suffice anymore. We want to help them in their search for treatments and clinical trials, but we will also use our means to support research in the area of immunotherapy. We hope in this way treatments will be available much sooner for those who so much depend on these treatments.

The foundation has the ANBI status and was founded on 15th December 2017.

RSIN: 858255704
KVK nummer: 70315140
Registered office: The Hague
Address: Nicolaïstraat 59, 2517 SZ, The Hague
Telephone number: +31648524777

The foundation has an independent administration consisting of the following persons:

Chairman:                          mevr. Anne-Marij Visser-Näring
Treasurer:                          mevr. Karianne Gielen
Secretary:                          mevr. Claire van den Broek

Beleidsplan 2017-2018 Stichting Steun Onderzoek Non-Hodgkin

Bank details

Account name: Stichting Steun Onderzoek Non-Hodgkin
Bank account number IBAN: NL67INGB0006927718

Bank address:

ING Bank
N.V. Foreign Operations
P.O. Box 1800
1000 BV Amsterdam